Q: What type of loans do you offer?

A: We offer cash advance loans, title loans, and installment loans

Q: What are the differences between a cash advance loan, title loan, and installment loan?

A:  A cash advance loan is self-explanatory. You generally get the cash you need when you need it. Cash advance loans are generally a short-term loan.

A title loan, or car title loan, is a loan where someone can use their car as credit for a loan. While that person has time to pay back their loan, their vehicle is used as collateral if the payment is not completed.

An installment loan is a loan that gets gradually repaid over time with set scheduled pay periods. Star of Texas Financial Solutions offers installment loan services for up to 6 months with the schedule of repayment being bi-weekly or monthly.

Q: Will Star of Texas Financial Solutions check my credit score before approving me for a loan?

A: Nope! At Star of Texas Financial Solutions, you’re approved no matter your credit score.

Q: How do I get the money after I’m approved for a loan?

A: After getting approved for your loan, visit your local Star of Texas Financial Solutions location to pick up your money.

Q: I need the money as soon as possible. How long does it take for the whole loan process take?

A: Getting approved generally takes less than 10 minutes. Depending on what time of day you apply for your loan, you could be able to pick it up the exact same day you applied for it.